Hi. As of FIFA 22, I have quit modding the FIFA series after 12 years of playing and meddling with it. I no longer have a Twitter, Discord Channel or Patreon and I will not be contactable. The following items will be available until July 2022. Thanks for all your support.

FIFA 21 Gameplay Mod

Revolutionize your gameplay with the most popular gameplay mod in FIFA history

Improved AI

Increased Fouls

Shooting Overhaul

Attributes mean Everything

Player Errors

Randomized Physics

How to install?
Copy the locale.ini to your Data folder where FIFA 21 is installed
Add the fbmod to the Frostbite Modding Tool Launcher

FIFA 21 Career Mod

Ultimate finance overhaul

Realistic Match Simulation

Morale significance

Believable AI transfers

True Player Growth

Real Life Values and Wages

Frostbite Modding Tool

A tool written by me in my spare time to modify FIFA

Version 12.6 Supports. FIFA 20, FIFA 21 (including all *.fifamods), FIFA 22 (Partially).

FIFA 21 21-22 Kit Mod

A personal kit mod to update all the kits to the latest 21-22 season versions. This mod is a mix of work by me using GIMP, Kit Creator and EA FIFA 22.

Contains the following kits:

English Premier League
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
Juventus Home
Juventus Away
Juventus Third (Fantasy design)
Juventus GK (Fantasy design)
Roma Home (Fantasy design based on 20-21)
Roma Away (Fantasy design based on 20-21)
Roma GK (Fantasy design based on 20-21)

FIFA 21 @Jaycensolo’s Collection

Jaycensolo has been very helpful over the past two years as an administrator, helper, mod enthusiast, ear to shout at, internet friend and many other things. He has put together his collection of mods into one place for you all to use.

Contains the following:

  • Adaptive Dynamic Difficulty Remover
  • Boot Pack
  • Face Pack
  • Gameplay Mods (my old mods)
  • Match Importance Fix (Fixes AI in Cup matches)
  • Realism Mods (my old mods)
  • UEL Licensing Mods

FIFA 21 @Jaycensolo’s Tutorials

Jaycensolo’s tutorial on how to install the FIFA 21 gameplay, career and face pack mods from start to finish