FIFA 21 Gameplay Mod

Revolutionise your Gameplay with the most popular gameplay mod for the EA Sports FIFA series.

Key features

Significant AI Improvements
Increased Fouls!
Shooting Overhaul
Attributes mean Everything
Player Errors
Randomized Physics
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FIFA 21 Career Realism Mod

Desire ultimate realism in your Career Mode? This is the mod for you.

Key features

Ultimate finance overhaul
Realistic Match Simulation
Morale significance
Believable AI transfers
True Player Growth
Real Life Values and Wages
Download the latest FIFA 21 Career Realism Mod

Frostbite Modding Tool

Solely developed by me in my spare time. The Frostbite Modding Tool is an app to modify FIFA 21 and Madden 21.

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Old mods from previous FIFA Titles

Yearn for some FIFA 18 action? Desire an older version of my Gameplay or Career Mods? Find all Paulv2k4 mods in the mod search suite.

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