Paulv2k4 FIFA 19 Career Realism Mod - Final

This is a FIFA 19 Career Mode Realism mod designed to improve the experience of managing your team at any level

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Creator: paulv2k4
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

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Paulv2k4 FIFA 19 Career Mod

This mod is now complete and will no longer be updated, unless EA updates the game.

This is a FIFA 19 Career Mode mod designed to improve the experience of managing your team at any level.
You will have to think a lot more about your finances, team morale, youth players and most importantly your board objectives.
A lot of the design decisions have been based off your favourite football management games and real life.

Features / Changes


  • AI is more likely to pick better players over fitness or match importance - field best 11
  • Lowered fitness recovery
  • Form has more affect on your players
  • Away games are much more difficult
  • Added Squad ranking, Injury list, Squad Report & Edit Kit Number screens back in

Match simulation, League table and Goalscorers

  • Top teams will win the league much more easily (Premier League top 6 matches real life)
  • Goalscorers are balanced (Much more likely to see real life top scorers)
  • Assisters are balanced (Much more likely to see real life top assisters)

Sacking & Board objectives

  • Reworked sacking and objective system
  • You only get a small amount of points for winning a game and lose many for losing a game
  • You get a small amount of points for achieving an objective
  • You lose a large amount of points for not achieving an objective
  • Reduced the occurance of money driven objectives for lower league teams (teams of lower club worth)
  • Reduced the amount required to grow youth players to a much more achievable level


  • Substantially lowered the amount of transfer budget smaller teams have to be far more realistic
  • You receive far less additional funds for the next season
  • Increased Shirt Prices to be more realistic
  • Increased Shirt Prices for Popular players so that signing good players earns money back
  • Substantially Increased Ground Maintanance for ALL clubs


  • Loans are much more likely to occur - Lower league teams use it much more
  • Teams look for realistic options which is much more suited to their range
  • Transfers are much more balanced, no more broken system where a team will have 10 full backs
  • Most negotiations require counter offers (like Football Manager)
  • English players are more likely to stay playing in England
  • Release clauses are more likely but much more expensive


  • Increased scouting ability in own division
  • Increased overall scouting ability/speed


  • Adopted a more Football Manager style of morale
    • League position has more affect
    • Last game result has more affect
  • Reserve/Young players are now happier from being selected once or twice
  • Only first 11 players get irritated by not being selected
  • Wage expectation has been risen to have players act more like their real conterparts (greedy & overpaid, causes starting morale to be low, dont worry)

Player Growth / Development

  • Stop "overgrowth" of players reaching abilities way beyond their potential
  • Stop old players declining by so much
  • Poor match ratings now affects growth
  • Mostly only young or high potential players will improve over a season and much more slowly

Player Values

  • Top players are much more expensive
  • High Potential players are much more expensive
  • Older, nearing retirement players are much cheaper
  • Players nearing the end of their contract are much cheaper

Player Wages

  • Players ask for more in the higher leagues
  • Players ask for less in the lower leagues (matches Football Manager values in League 2)
  • Young (under 17) players ask for much less

Player Contracts

  • Teams are much more likely to keep their star players on longer contracts
  • Teams will only release reserve players but that is very unlikely


  • Youth players are much more likely to have traits
  • Youth players height range is much more balanced
  • Youth squad can be up to 25 players
  • Youth players will not look to quit until they are 18-23 (resembling an under 23 team)