Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Career Realism Mod - Alpha 7

This is an Alpha Legacy Mod version of the Career Realism Mod. Many improvements are on their way.

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Creator: paulv2k4
Friday, 19 March 2021

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Match simulation, League table and Goal Scorers

  • Top teams will win the league with realistic points & goals scored
  • Top scorers and assisters are more realistic


  • Transfer Budgets
    • Substantially lowered the amount of transfer budget smaller teams have to be far more realistic
      • This in turn, helps the AI Transfer Market become more realistic
  • Currency Conversion
    • Currency conversions based on 19th March 2021 rate. GBP to EUR = 1.17, GBP to USD = 1.39 (This is updated with each patch)


  • Loans
    • Adjusted loans so there are no more unrealistic random loans
  • Nationalities
    • English players very rarely leave England
    • Player movement between countries is based upon real-world data of player nationalities in each league
  • Free Agents
    • Free Agents wont just play for any team, there will be no more picking up gems from the Free Agent market with a poor team
  • AI Transfers
    • The AI will actively replace all lost players
    • The AI will always want to improve their team
    • The AI is much less likely to stack in a position
    • Lower end players will now move much more often

Player Search - GTN

  • Searching for players now reveals attributes much faster
  • GTN and Scouting find players much more suited to your team. No longer will an English League 2 team find Sergio Aguero in their scout list!

Player Values

  • Player Potential (young players who future stars are expensive)
  • Player Values have been adjusted to be more like

Player Growth

  • Dynamic Potential is not used as much and not as high
  • Growth curve completely rewritten so all players do not overgrow and degrade slowly
  • Player attribute growth affects all attributes for all players


  • Training no longer affects happiness
  • A rest day now recovers much more fitness and reduces sharpness much more
  • A training day now increases sharpness much more

Youth System

  • You will have 16 players in your youth team to start a Career
  • Generated Youth players rating are much more appropriate to the level and you will now longer be able to build a super Youth Team in the 1st season

Career Hub

  • The Main UI of the Career Mode now has Kit Numbers and Injury list in the Squad Tab

Form and Sharpness

  • Form and team league position has much more of an affect on your and AI players (players can now lose 10 points of an attribute due to form)
  • Sharpness has been balanced so AI are affected with the same modifier as the User (50)

How to install

  1. Download Latest Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool (
  2. Download this Mod and extract the .lmod to any location
  3. Launch Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Frostbite Tool EXE
  4. Click Launcher
  5. Click Browse FIFA
  6. Browse to find your FIFA21.exe (By default this is in - C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA21)
  7. Click Import
  8. Browse to the extracted .lmod file and select (It should now appear in the list)
  9. Click Launch (Wait 1 minute for initial startup and FIFA should load)

How do I find out it is working?

Test 1) The Press Start screen should have my custom image Test 2) Start a new Career mode. If Newport County (In English League 2) has around 100k-200k transfer budget, the mod is loaded.

Can I use this on an existing career?


Alpha 7

- Changed currency conversion rate to GBP = 1.0, GBP -> EUR = 1.17, GBP -> USD = 1.37

- Changed form settings so games properly reflect team form and league position

Alpha 6

- Improve AI transferring of low OVR players