Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Gameplay Mod Version 6.1

The expert of FIFA Gameplay mods is back for another season on FIFA 21

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Creator: paulv2k4
Saturday, 14 August 2021

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Version 6


Preferences / Settings:

Game Speed: Normal

Sliders: Default

Competitor Mode: OFF

Assisted Settings: Semi Assisted / Manual. If you find that too difficult try Assisted.


Version numbers appear next to the feature that it has been added or tweaked in.




- Complete redesign of movement speeds, directly comparing to players in the Euros (V5/V6)


- Players are able to dribble past opponents with correct timing and use of their controller, allowing for a more realistic experience (V4/V5/V6)


- Acceleration of players is much more noticeable (V5/V6)


- Reworked Animation Speeds. (V4/V5).


- Decreased the input delay from your controller or AI decision to movement (V3)


- Decreased top speed of all players by 10% (V3)


- Increased the difference between fast and slow players by 20% (V3)


- Increased the time it takes to turn 180 degrees by 100%, gradually decreasing by the Agility/Dribbling of the player (V3)




- Removed AI option to "strafe" dribble (To stop teams like Manchester City over using the option outside of the box) (V3)


- Removed AI option to "pump ball into the box" (This fixes the AI playing long passes into the box in the last 10 minutes when losing) (V1)


- Increased amount of long passes (V1/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased amount of crosses (V3/Reworked in V4/V5)


- Increased amount of shots (V3/V5/V6)


- Increased forward passing (V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased the amount the AI attempts a tackle (V1/V4)


- Decreased the time the AI takes to attempt a pass (V4)


- Increase the amount the AI sprints into space with the ball (V4/V5)


- Increase the amount the AI passes to players in space and exploiting space (V5)


- Fixed an issue where the AI were being controlled by their vision stat when shooting, allowing for more long shots (V6)


- Ensured the AI will break away from a defender (if last man) and get a shot in on goal (V6)




- Shots no longer artificially go up in the air or sideways. They follow a straighter trajectory unless the shot is mistimed or scuffed. (V6)


- Player has much more control over their shot trajectory and power (V6)


- Removed the amount of assistance given to "assisted" shooting, this allows you to aim for the corners of the goal (V3/V5/V6)


- Shots are much more difficult while under pressure from a defender (V3/V5/V6)


- Shots are much more difficult while the ball is far away from you (V2/V5/V6)


Blocking, Intercepting and defending


- Automatic blocking and AI blocking has been reduced by 800% (V1)


- Manual blocking has been increased by 150% (V1)


- Significantly reduced the effectiveness of clearances (V5/V6)


- Lots of positioning changes (see Positioning)




- Goalkeepers have been rewritten to use attributes so there is a large difference between Premier League and League 2 (V3)


- Goalkeepers can now make mistakes (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now try to catch a ball much more (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now rush out on one-on-one situations (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now protect their near post much more (V4)




- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when passing, increasing the chances when of low short passing attribute (V1)


- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when under pressure  (V2)


- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when passing at an obtuse angle (V3)


First Touch and Ball Control


- Adjusted ball control so players with high attributes can trap all kinds of tricky situations (V2/V3/V4/V5/V6)




- Increased the chance for a foul to be called (V1/V6)


- Yellow cards are much less likely to be given (V1/V4/V5/V6)


- Warnings are handed out more often (V6)




- More midfielders will help out the defence when defending (V1/V6)


- The team width is more like the Tactics graphic allowing for more attacking opportunities from Wingers (V3)


- All players will move off the ball to allow for more attacking opportunities (V3/V6)


- If playing a slow tactic (like Possession), your team will move up the pitch much more slowly, allowing for a calm approach to the game (V3/V6)


- Have decreased "fast build-up" move up speed, so the team has players to pass to when a defender is in possession (V3/V6)


- Improved defensive structure of the team by ensuring players do not get dragged out of position unneccessarily (V6)


Match ratings


- All match ratings are much more balanced for each position (V3/V4)


- Defenders are punished for letting goals in much more (No more 7+ rating for a team that lost 3-0) (V3/V4)


Player Injuries


- Players are much more likely to pick up "knock" injuries throughout the match, especially when tired or taking a heavy bump (V4/V5/V6)


Player Tiredness


- Fast build up and Constant pressure no longer artificially tire players, players will tire throughout the match anyway due to all the movement they do (V1/V2/V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased the amount a player gets tired by movement (V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Decreased the amount a player can recover from a long run (V6)


- Made it so stamina plays a bigger part of player tiredness (V6)


Neural Network


- Made a change to ensure the AI will take more chances (V6)


Version 6 changes compared to V5

Neural Network - Made an experiemental change to the Neural Network of AI which has made the AI want to take more chances while attacking

Movement - A player's Acceleration attribute is now much more powerful for getting away from players

Shooting - Made it so shots no longer always go up in the air and can have a flat trajectory if shot correctly

Passing - A player's vision no longer affects error

Ball control - Further tweaks

Goalkeepers - Ensured the GKs are harder to beat at higher difficulty

Referees - Warnings are handed out much more often

Positioning - Decreased the amount "fast build up" moves the team up the field and improved defensive structure so players do not get dragged out of position

Player Injuries - Made it so small knocks happen less but serious injuries are back (they were turned off from V1-V5)

Player Tiredness - Made substantial changes to tiredness dependant on stamina and how much the player moves