Paulv2k4 Frostbite Modding Tool 2021 - Version 11.7

This Frostbite Modding Tool allows users to gain some to textures, gameplay data, files and ability to load compiled Mods.

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Creator: paulv2k4
Monday, 23 August 2021

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Has support for FIFA 21 & Partial Madden 21 Support


+ Frostbite, Legacy & FIFA mod Launcher
+ Legacy File Explorer and Extractor
+ Legacy Mod Compiler
+ Gameplay Editor
+ Texture, Kit and Data Import and Export with full explorer
+ Mesh Import / Export for FIFA 21
+ Mesh Export for Madden 21
+ Save all changes to projects and export to fbmods for other players to use
+ Supports the following file types. .fbmod (created by this tool), .lmod (created by this tool), .fifamod (created by FIFA Editor Tool)
+ Partial Madden 21 Mod Support. Including Legacy files, data, gameplay and textures. Work is ongoing on this!
+ FIFA 21 Career Mode Stats Saver
+ Discord Rich Presence. Shows you playing the modded game in Discord
+ XBOX Game Pass Support
+ EA Desktop Support
+ EA Origin Support

- Mesh Import has been deactivated for Madden 21 until I can get it working for all meshes. You can turn this back on by editing the Madden21Profile.json file with a text editor.

NOTE: If you are first using this tool and using the ModData folder (option provided), it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!

Version 11.7

- [Madden 22] Started work on Plugin. Will load up all files from the system but not able to do much with it
- [FIFA 21] Fixed bug that caused FIFAConfig.exe being wrongly detected for SDK Build
- Added HEX Editor for Unknown files
- Added TG/JLT/PLS to text editor
- Changed text editor to UTF8 to support more characters
- Moved substantial amount of code out of FrostySDK and into plugin systems. Allowing anyone to use the tool to build an editor for any Frostbite game.
- Changed Mod Compiler to ZSTD rather than ZIP. Mods made with this version only worked with this version and later

Version 11.6

- Fixed issue where certain legacy textures were not converting correctly when imported via PNG
- Fixed issue where legacy textures were not detecting a difference between in the DDS imported versus DDS in-game
- Cache files are now compressed. Resulting in 25% of the original file sizes.
- Legacy edits are no longer compressed (as by my tests, Frostbite doesn't care what compression you use) resulting in faster compilation and start up times

Version 11.5

- Legacy Mods through fbmod is now fully working and available to use
- Legacy & TOC Chunk mods now use a new cas file instead of editing an existing one
- Added TXT file editor to list of legacy editors
- Added BIG file editor to the list of legacy editors with image and HEX editing
- Fixed an issue that was causing the legacy area not to load all files
- [FIFA 21] Fixed issue where Arsenal's kit was not editable
- [Techy] Removed 4 dependancies
- [Techy] Removed App Insights at start up
- [Techy] Significant improvements to compiler and legacy handling. Adding new files to legacy (for fbmod) is not far away.
- [Techy] Added more items to the Profile.json system ready for the next version of games (Madden 22 and FIFA 22)

Version 11.4

- Fix an issue (brought in by 11.3) where large and complicated *.fifamod files would not load
- Fix an issue that would not allow you launch a mod with legacy changes repeatedly from the Editor
- Fix an issue that would not clear out "changes" to your file system after you've launched a mod with legacy items included
- [Techy] More background work on change of compilers to handle added files

Version 11.3

- Brand new Legacy Texture Importer (Experimental)
- Launch window can now be minimized

Version 11.2

- [FIFA 21] Updated Cache
- [FIFA 21] Updated SDK
- [FIFA 21] Fixed an issue where the Launcher would not update the cache properly
- [Techy Stuff] Resolved an issue where the SDK builder would not detect an upgrade in .NET Core

Version 11.1

- [FIFA 20] Added FIFA 20 support
- [FIFA 21] Fix Hotspots not saving correctly, resulting in an error
- [FIFA 21] Added duplicating functionality, allowing you to duplicate anything in the editor. Duplicating currently only works with lmod mods in game. Please wait for me to complete the rest of the functionality for kits, faces and whatever else
- [Madden 21] All textures now load correctly in the editor
- [Madden 21] All textures can now be edited in the game (please note. you must use the correct texture resolution for the game, madden 21 would not let me resize textures)
- [Madden 21] Fixed an issue where a special kind of DDS type was causing an issue after importing