Paulv2k4 Frostbite Modding Tool 2021 - Version 11

This Frostbite Modding Tool allows users to gain some access to textures, gameplay data, files and ability to load compiled Mods.

 :  1101
Creator: paulv2k4
Friday, 18 June 2021

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Has support for FIFA 21 & Partial Madden 21 Support


+ Frostbite, Legacy & FIFA mod Launcher
+ Legacy File Explorer and Extractor
+ Legacy Mod Compiler
+ Gameplay Editor
+ Texture, Kit and Data Import and Export with full explorer
+ Mesh Import / Export for FIFA 21
+ Mesh Export for Madden 21
+ Save all changes to projects and export to fbmods for other players to use
+ Supports the following file types. .fbmod (created by this tool), .lmod (created by this tool), .fifamod (created by FIFA Editor Tool)
+ Partial Madden 21 Mod Support. Including Legacy files, data, gameplay and textures. Work is ongoing on this!
+ FIFA 21 Career Mode Stats Saver
+ Discord Rich Presence. Shows you playing the modded game in Discord
+ XBOX Game Pass Support
+ EA Desktop Support
+ EA Origin Support

- Mesh Import has been deactivated for Madden 21 until I can get it working for all meshes. You can turn this back on by editing the Madden21Profile.json file with a text editor.

NOTE: If you are first using this tool and using the ModData folder (option provided), it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!

Version 11

- Signicant amount of changes to the entire system with over 10000+ lines of code changed
- Signicant improvements to the plugin and profile system to allow more games be added to it in the future
- Started work on support for FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20 & Battlefield 4
- Started work on support for "adding" files to the filesystem
- Added Mesh Import / Export support for FIFA 21
- Added Mesh Export support for Madden 21 (Importing can be activated via the Profile.json file for testing)
- Added Texture importing and compiling for Madden 21
- Added the ability to embed files into mods (this will help with installing mods like the FIFA Gameplay mod and Dynamic System Mod)
- Improved 3D Viewer to show the face or boot texture when viewing the model
- Changed Main Menu to be dynamic and create buttons dependant on available profiles. Allowing for custom editors and custom game profiles to be added to the tool
- Fix FIFA 21 Career Stats issue when using a Bundesliga team