Paulv2k4 Frostbite Modding Tool 2021 (Alpha 10.9)

This Frostbite Modding Tool allows users to gain some access to textures, gameplay data, files and ability to load compiled Mods.

 :  2050
Creator: paulv2k4
Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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Has support for FIFA 21 & Partial Madden 21 Support

NOTE: If you are first using this tool and using the ModData folder (option provided), it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!


+ Frostbite, Legacy & FIFA mod Launcher
+ Legacy File Explorer and Extractor
+ Legacy Mod Compiler
+ Gameplay Editor
+ Texture, Kit and Data Import and Export with full explorer
+ Save all changes to projects and export to fbmods for other players to use
+ Supports the following file types. .fbmod (created by this tool), .zip (containing multiple files), .lmod (created by this tool), .fifamod (created by FIFA Editor Tool)
+ Partial Madden 21 Mod Support. Including Legacy files, some gameplay and some textures. Work is ongoing on this!
+ FIFA 21 Career Mode Stats Saver
+ Discord Rich Presence. Shows you playing the modded game in Discord
+ XBOX Game Pass Support (Experimental)
+ EA Desktop Support (Experimental)
+ EA Origin Support

- No you cannot MODIFY meshes through this tool's editor, although *.fifamod meshes are supported through the launcher.
- Some *.fifamod files do not work with this launcher, if unsure just use FIFA Editor Tool / Mod Manager instead. 

Alpha 10.9 
- All mods and games can be installed on EA Desktop (supporting XBOX Game Pass). This is experimental and will not use a ModData folder to add mods to your game.
- FIFA 21: Editor can compile a Legacy Mod (*.lmod) from a project (*.fbproject)
- All Editors: Fixed an issue where it would take a long time to make an edit to a legacy text file
- Launcher: Your launcher settings are saved
- Launcher: Can launch mods without using a ModData folder
- FIFA 21: Fixed an issue where compiling a legacy mod (*.lmod) from a folder with a "." in it would result in an error
- FIFA 21: Fixed an issue where the Legacy Mod Support (*.lmod) would not wait enough time for slow PCs to load the game to then inject into (the GetProcess error). On a note. I have now raised this to 3 minutes instead of 90 seconds.

Alpha 10.8
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue when compiling a mod
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue where Legacy files are not removed when compiling mods or saving a project

Alpha 10.7
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue with very large FIFAMod files not being supported by the launcher
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue with "locale.ini" not being detected by the launcher
- FIFA 21: Added better support for Aranaktu's Live Editor DLL. Fixing crashing issues when using mods with his tool. Many thanks to  for going through this with me.
- MADDEN21: Building of Cache now only takes 8 minutes rather than 40-50.

MADDEN 21 People: I have found the issues with the uniform textures, I am going to have to redesign my tool a little to handle it. EA really did something awkward with the Chunk Ids in Madden 21.

Alpha 10.6
- MADDEN 21: Significant compiler improvements. Just some textures to go (and 1 very annoying EBX gameplay file) before I can consider it all working.
- MADDEN 21: Brand new SDK
- MADDEN 21 Editor: Fixed some panes which were not displaying correctly
- EBX browsers now scale correctly to its parent window
- EBX browsers now display a list of numbers/points in a more UI friendly manner
- EBX browsers can now resize a list (not perfect but heading toward full customization)
- EBX can now import and export to and from a binary file (experts only)
- Added experimental PNG to DDS converter for legacy textures
- When importing and reverting a texture, the texture viewer now correctly updates
- Bug fix: When reverting a texture, the RES to chunk link would get confused and break within the project.
Alpha 10.4
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue where *.fifamod produced from FET was not displaying correctly in launcher
- FIFA 21: Fixed issue with *.fifamod faces. This now allows ALL *.fifamod faces to work with this launcher
Alpha 10.3

- MADDEN 21: Allowed all items be browsed
- MADDEN 21: A 50% working compiler. Some things just refuse to work at this stage.
- FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Fixed issue with teams with low Ids (i.e. Arsenal)
- FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Added compatibility for EFL League 1, EFL Trophy, Bundesliga, LaLiga, SuperCopa
- FIFA 21 [Stats Saver]: Added Clean Sheets, Minutes Played, Player OVR and OVRGrowth to CSV Export

Alpha 10.2

- Switch the editors to use AvalonDock. A docking system that allows you to rearrange and resize your editor windows. This is work in progress. Expect bugs.
- FIFA 21: Fix issue where the Injector "GetProcess" function was not waiting for the process to open

Alpha 10.1

- Add "Force Reinstall mods" button
- Change all Launcher checkboxes to "toggle switches"
- Fix the launcher not remembering EXE locations
- FIFA 21: Fix CEM not launching for "published" version of the tool

Alpha 10

- Detecting mod changes, only recompile if needed

- No longer loads .cache unless its needed to recompile mods

- If not recompiling mods, mod launch takes seconds rather than minutes

- Application Insights - Tracking of User inputs and mods - for me to know what people are using the tool for and if there are any bugs

- Discord Rich Presence (Discord will show you using the tool and playing the game with mods)

- FIFA 21: Added CEM (Career Player Stats Saver)