Paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Career Realism Mod - 1.6.11

Creator(s):  paulv2k4
Tags(s):  Career, paulv2k4, Realism Mod
Category:  Career
Uploaded Date:  Tuesday, 18 August 2020
This is a FIFA 20 Career Mode Realism mod designed to improve the experience of managing your team at any level

Features found in all versions

  • Dynamic Hair/Beard growth system
  • Match simulation, League table and Goal Scorers - Massive improvement over vanilla and league tables are usually correct
  • Team Selection - AI will always try and select best First 11 and subs, rotating only for friendlies and the odd cup match
  • Finances - Rewritten and Significantly improved for realism
  • Board & Objectives
  • Transfers - Rewritten and Significantly improved for realism and better AI transfers
  • Player Values - Rewritten and Significantly improved Player Value calculation
  • Player Wages - Rewritten and balanced for all teams and all levels
  • Youth - Completely rewritten youth system for balance and realism
  • Dynamic Potential is not used as much and not as high (fixing 99 OVR bug)
  • Morale - Players are harder to keep happy
  • AI Player Contracts - Fixed all EA bugs
  • Press Conferences - There is much more of a risk or reward scheme to all press conferences
  • Player Customization - Enabled full customization of players in Main Menu & Career Mode
  • Face pack support - Enabled the support of Face packs without using Cheat Engine (must use Hair, Face & Beard System)
  • Brand new Theme and Splash screen

# Version 1.6.11


## Changes from 1.6.10


- Updated for latest version of FIFA released on 18th August 2020

- Updated Dynamic File System to the latest from 1.7 (supporting more dynamic hair transitions)

- Added 1.7 Blue Theme (without background)


File Size 4.33 Mb