Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Gameplay Mod Version 7 Alpha 8

Version 7 of Gameplay is all about Attributes (ALPHA VERSION)

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Creator: paulv2k4
Saturday, 11 September 2021

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Version 7 

This version is the ultimate ATTRIBUTES MEAN EVERYTHING mod



Preferences / Settings:

Game Speed: Normal

Sliders: Default

Competitor Mode: OFF

Assisted Settings: Semi Assisted / Manual. If you find that too difficult try Assisted.


Version numbers appear next to the feature that it has been added or tweaked in.




- Complete redesign of movement speeds, directly comparing to players in the Euros (V5/V6)


- Players are able to dribble past opponents with correct timing and use of their controller, allowing for a more realistic experience (V4/V5/V6)


- Acceleration of players is much more noticeable (V5/V6)


- Reworked Animation Speeds. (V4/V5).


- Decreased the input delay from your controller or AI decision to movement (V3)


- Decreased top speed of all players by 10% (V3)


- Increased the difference between fast and slow players by 20% (V3)


- Increased the time it takes to turn 180 degrees by 100%, gradually decreasing by the Agility/Dribbling of the player (V3)




- Removed AI option to "strafe" dribble (To stop teams like Manchester City over using the option outside of the box) (V3)


- Removed AI option to "pump ball into the box" (This fixes the AI playing long passes into the box in the last 10 minutes when losing) (V1)


- Increased amount of long passes (V1/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased amount of crosses (V3/Reworked in V4/V5)


- Increased amount of shots (V3/V5/V6)


- Increased forward passing (V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased the amount the AI attempts a tackle (V1/V4)


- Decreased the time the AI takes to attempt a pass (V4)


- Increase the amount the AI sprints into space with the ball (V4/V5)


- Increase the amount the AI passes to players in space and exploiting space (V5)


- Fixed an issue where the AI were being controlled by their vision stat when shooting, allowing for more long shots (V6)


- Ensured the AI will break away from a defender (if last man) and get a shot in on goal (V6)




- Shots no longer artificially go up in the air or sideways. They follow a straighter trajectory unless the shot is mistimed or scuffed. (V6)


- Player has much more control over their shot trajectory and power (V6)


- Removed the amount of assistance given to "assisted" shooting, this allows you to aim for the corners of the goal (V3/V5/V6)


- Shots are much more difficult while under pressure from a defender (V3/V5/V6)


- Shots are much more difficult while the ball is far away from you (V2/V5/V6)


Blocking, Intercepting and defending


- Automatic blocking and AI blocking has been reduced by 800% (V1)


- Manual blocking has been increased by 150% (V1)


- Significantly reduced the effectiveness of clearances (V5/V6)


- Lots of positioning changes (see Positioning)




- Goalkeepers have been rewritten to use attributes so there is a large difference between Premier League and League 2 (V3)


- Goalkeepers can now make mistakes (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now try to catch a ball much more (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now rush out on one-on-one situations (V3)


- Goalkeepers will now protect their near post much more (V4)




- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when passing, increasing the chances when of low short passing attribute (V1)


- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when under pressure  (V2)


- All players are much more likely to make a mistake when passing at an obtuse angle (V3)


First Touch and Ball Control


- Adjusted ball control so players with high attributes can trap all kinds of tricky situations (V2/V3/V4/V5/V6)




- Increased the chance for a foul to be called (V1/V6)


- Yellow cards are much less likely to be given (V1/V4/V5/V6)


- Warnings are handed out more often (V6)




- More midfielders will help out the defence when defending (V1/V6)


- The team width is more like the Tactics graphic allowing for more attacking opportunities from Wingers (V3)


- All players will move off the ball to allow for more attacking opportunities (V3/V6)


- If playing a slow tactic (like Possession), your team will move up the pitch much more slowly, allowing for a calm approach to the game (V3/V6)


- Have decreased "fast build-up" move up speed, so the team has players to pass to when a defender is in possession (V3/V6)


- Improved defensive structure of the team by ensuring players do not get dragged out of position unneccessarily (V6)


Match ratings


- All match ratings are much more balanced for each position (V3/V4)


- Defenders are punished for letting goals in much more (No more 7+ rating for a team that lost 3-0) (V3/V4)


Player Injuries


- Players are much more likely to pick up "knock" injuries throughout the match, especially when tired or taking a heavy bump (V4/V5/V6)


Player Tiredness


- Fast build up and Constant pressure no longer artificially tire players, players will tire throughout the match anyway due to all the movement they do (V1/V2/V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Increased the amount a player gets tired by movement (V3/V4/V5/V6)


- Decreased the amount a player can recover from a long run (V6)


- Made it so stamina plays a bigger part of player tiredness (V6)


Neural Network


- Made a change to ensure the AI will take more chances (V6, V7)


This is the first public release of Version 7 (only Jay and I have tested it so far)

Version 7 is all about making attributes mean everything. So there should be a difference between say De Bruyne and some guy in League 2! Warning, be prepared to miss some very easy chances with players who are not very good!

Highlights of current version
- Changes across the board for the amount of errors that occur for each player and every level (Thanks to new tooling)
- Brand new Neural Network based on FIFA 19 for the AI. This affects AI decision making in shooting, dribbling, tackling and passing.
- General AI improvements and changes
- Difficulty changes