Paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Career Expansion Mod

This is still in early development and many features are missing. Please keep up to date with the videos found on the paulv2k4 mods YouTube channel.


This is a FIFA 20 Career Mode Realism mod designed to improve the experience of managing your team at any level.
You will have to think a lot more about your finances, team morale, youth players and most importantly your board objectives.
A lot of the design decisions have been based off your favourite football management games and real life.

Phase 1 has been released!

Welcome to the Phase 1 release of the Career Expansion Mod.

What is this?
Career Expansion Mod is a completely different way to modding FIFA (this may be expanded to other games later). It will aim to expand the Career / Manager mode to have all the features we have been begging EA to include to Career Mode for years.

How will it do this?
This is a separate application which will run side by side to FIFA. Talking to it when it needs information from it.

What is included in this release?
This is Phase 1. Phase 1 has barely any usable additions but may be interesting to some of you. The included features are:
- Edit your transfer budgets manually
- Search for and accept a sponsor contract for 3 sponsor types (Main, Kit maker, Training/Stadium)
- Request for funds from your board
- Look at your team's personality and emotion types.

How do I gain money from the sponsorship deals?
- I have made it so your "balance" is your "starting budget" so people cannot just have an easy ride with lots more money. I plan to expand the "balance" to include all the "profit" you see in the game.
- Every Monday (in game) the money from each sponsor is paid out. So, if you have a £24m per year contract, approximately £461k will be paid out into your balance (starting budget).
- To get money into your transfer budget, you need to request funds from the board. In phase 1, the amount of requests is unlimited and only obtainable when you have less than 85% of your balance. And again in Phase 1 your board will provide a top up to 85% of your balance.

Should I use this on my main Career?
In Phase 1. I would suggest you do not do this. If you do, then please ensure you make a backup of your saves!

How do I use it?
1) Launch Career Expansion Mod and wait until the screen has popped up (usually takes around 5 seconds). You will need administrator privileges. It should ask you for them when launching.

2) Launch FIFA 20 in any way you see fit. This can be through Frosty Mod Manager (with any mods) or via Origin

3) Load your Career

4) To see if CEM is working. Alt-Tab to access it (unfortunately my popup keys are not working in the published version of CEM). You should see the career name at the top of CEM.

5) In CEM, try clicking on Finances or Squad to see the relevant screens and assign some sponsorships.

6) Alt-Tab / Reopen your FIFA and continue playing as normal. After a Monday has past, you should see that your Starting Budget has increased.

Known Issues
- The Transfer/Starting Budget do not update when you are on the finance screen, you need to reload the screen or navigate away from it for it to update.
- After a match the game autosaves, this may send CEM crazy and no longer recognize your original save name, if this does occur, save your game to fix it.
- If you have 2 saves of your career mode, CEM will create 2 separate save instances of your game. To fix this, ensure you add your original save name to "Other Save Folder" in the settings screen and save it. For example. If you have "Liverpool Save" and "Liverpool Save 2", after loading "Liverpool Save 2", go to Settings in CEM and set OtherSaveFolder to "Liverpool Save".
- Lower league teams do not have any options for sponsors. This is because the sponsor database is very small right now and I haven't got round to importing all the information provided by the very helpful users and collaborators (seen in Thanks below)

Acknowledgements and Thanks.
- Jaycensolo - for generally bouncing ideas off and correlating the sponsor data
- rcpcndncr#9424 - Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Austrian sponsor data
- tminus-#5971 - MLS sponsor data
- Hydro Anarchy#3786 - Australia sponsor data
- Bushon Pen#1318 - Spain sponsor data
- Eti#9825 - Brazil sponsor data
- NejKits#0535 - Scotland sponsor data
- Stoves#9182 - English sponsor data
- Official__AOSuLLy#6140 - Ireland sponsor data

If you have any issues or would like to supply feedback please do it on this post or on discord. Many thanks all and I hope to get more done soon!

I'm both excited and nervous about this release. I hope it works for you all.

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