My future in FIFA Modding - Why I am boycotting FIFA 22 and what I am doing next

Hi all,

I am aware that some of you are not on Discord and do not follow me on Reddit or Twitter so I felt it is best I explain what is happening and I put my plans for the future on here for all to see.

FIFA 21 Journey
This past year has been really crazy for me. 

- I had some serious personal issues to attend to
- Create a new modding tool
- Learn how to mod frostbite from scratch
- Learn WPF from nothing
- Deal with modding drama (I have done so much to remove myself from it all and although it is not as much as the year before they continue to try and belittle, talk trash and annoy me for no reason)
- Develop the two main mods using new tools, targeting new features that were brought into FIFA 21
- Gameplay was seriously broken by EA in FIFA 21 and it took a long time to "fix"
- Actually play the game myself (which has been significantly lower this year, my game time has been around 10% of my normal amount!)

Also on a personal note is my children have grown up, so my time at a PC is getting less and less. Actually my life on the whole has changed quite substantially over the year and its really affecting my PC time.

So the end product has been:
- seriously unfinished mods
- not being able to communicate with everyone that I would like to (For example, I currently have 100+ unread messages on Patreon)
- not enjoying modding
- not finishing my modding tutorials
- spending more time developing a tool than modding the game

Building a tool for Madden 21

This year, as there was no other option, I took it upon myself to build a tool for Madden. This took many hours of my time, for very little return. In fact, users of the tool for Madden were below 100. In hindsight, I shouldn't have bothered.

My anger and disappointment over FIFA 22 

Since July we have been getting articles and videos from EA Sports (and other sources such Game Changers and leaks) regarding the latest installment in the FIFA series. I am extremely worried for the future of this game.

Lets look at it logically. 

On PC, EA are charging £60-90 for a game that is FIFA 21 with a reskin, updated teams and one (in my mind small) "new feature" for Career mode. All of the other features mentioned are next-gen gameplay related.

Career Mode
My anger about Career Mode is written in this Reddit post. Please read and nod heavily in agreement! =)
FIFA 22's Career Mode content is a scam and EA need to #FixCareerMode again #SaveCareerMode : FifaCareers (

Every single video leak and even their own deep dive still highlight extensive issues with gameplay (even on Next-Gen)! Almost everything I do, every year, gets re-broken (most of the time worse too) by EA in each title. This is getting tiring, in fact made me realize I am wasting my time and I might as well just stick to FIFA 21 with a decent mod. 

My plans for the next year

The end product of everything is, I will NOT be developing any mods for FIFA 22 and have even cancelled my EA Play Pro (costing £80) to buy FIFA 21 for £10 instead. This will then leave me to continue my journey to improve and enjoy FIFA 21. Here is the roadmap.

September 2021

- Release Career Mod Version 2 Final (I only have the Player Conversation and Press Conferences left to do)
- Release Gameplay Mod Version 7
- Release Dynamic System mod Version 6 (with full documentation)
- Release first 21-22 kit mod update (I have completed so far; Arsenal, Leeds, West Ham, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport)
- Release FMT 11.8 with Kit Creator support (I love this new feature, makes it much easier to do kits!)

October 2021

- Release next installment of 21-22 kit mod (plans to complete Premier League and possibly one more)
- Start 21-22 transfers and team updates mod (nothing extensive, mostly based on current teams and putting them in the correct divisions etc.)
- Attempt to develop new UI into the game (I have built some new tooling that has allowed me to reverse the game's UI into flash files, I want to put new UI in and give us NEW Career Mode features)

November-December 2021

- Complete 21-22 kit mod
- Continue 21-22 transfer and team updates mod
- Continue to attempt to develop new UI into the game



In conclusion

I will not hold it against any of you to decide to move on to FIFA 22 without me. I hope you enjoy the new game without the need for mods. Anyone who wants to continue the journey with me on FIFA 21, please do and come chat to me any time.

Many thanks for your ongoing support! =)